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Rancho Mission Viejo Update When the new year rolls around, many of us will be filled with optimism and will self-impose new goals that may or may not be fulfilled. For some of us it will be to make ourselves better, whether that be at work, school, or in general. Our family at Evolution [...]

Not Making a Bad Problem Worse

Over the past four and a half months the world has changed and may never go back to what it once was. Coronavirus is just the beginning of it as 2020 will go down as one of the most historic years of this country’s history. One thing that will stick with me for a long [...]

Is Your Child Interested in Competitive Swimming?

Is Your Child Interested in Competitive Swimming? Evolution Swim Offers Olympic Trainers for Kids in Orange County Competitive swimming is an excellent sport for all children. If your children are developing an interest in competitive swimming, Evolution Swim can connect you and your little competitors with Olympic trainers for kids in Orange County. Competitive [...]

Don’t Think Your Child Needs Kids’ Swim Classes Anymore?

Don't Think Your Child Needs Kids' Swim Classes Anymore? Think Again! Even if your children already know how to swim, keeping your kids enrolled in kids' swim classes offers numerous long-term benefits. Here are a few. Once your children have learned to swim – and have even perfected a few basic strokes – you [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Free Swim Lessons for Babies

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Free Swim Lessons for Babies What's better than swim lessons for babies? Free swim lessons for babies! Evolution Swim offers a fantastic program that gives parents the opportunity to participate in comprehensive swim and water safety courses with their little ones. These free classes are designed [...]

What Are the Benefits of Swimming for Kids?

What Are the Benefits of Swimming for Kids? While many people view swimming as an exercise or recreation, swimming properly and safely is, in fact, a highly valuable and life-saving skill that it is important to learn. Here are a few of the many benefits children experience by learning to swim. At Evolution Swim, [...]

May is Water Safety Month

Let’s talk drowning statistics for a minute. I know that this topic is uncomfortable but I am someone who knows the pain that is felt from a loved one drowning in a tragic and preventable accident. So I am ready to discuss it if you are. Last year was the second-worst year on record. Nine [...]

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