Don’t Think Your Child Needs Kids’ Swim Classes Anymore? Think Again!

Even if your children already know how to swim, keeping your kids enrolled in kids’ swim classes offers numerous long-term benefits. Here are a few.

Once your children have learned to swim – and have even perfected a few basic strokes – you might think that the need for formal swim training is over. However, keeping your children enrolled in kids’ swim classes can help them retain important lessons and techniques even when they aren’t being closely monitored by a parent or swim instructor. Here are a few reasons why it is important to maintain your kids’ swim training.

They may want to develop competitive swimming skills.

It’s one thing to know how to swim – it’s quite another to know how to compete. Competitive swimming is excellent for building character and developing strong discipline. It’s also a multi-pronged sport, since they’ll have the opportunity to compete in team events (relays) and individual events. This allows them to cultivate both team-building skills and self-reliance.

It’s an excellent form of exercise.

Not only does the ability to swim help keep your children safe in bodies of water, it’s one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. It offers exceptional muscle conditioning and endurance-building without risk of muscle or joint injury. Swimming helps tremendously with weight management, so continuing your children’s kids’ swim classes is fantastic for keeping them fit and energized.

It gives your child an additional social group.

Having friends outside of their school, neighborhood, and family allows your children to build up a valuable and diverse support network. It’s great for teaching them to cultivate relationships with a variety of people.

You won’t feel nervous when your child goes to a swim party.

The more your children develop their swimming skills, the less closely you’ll have to monitor them when they’re in the pool, at the lake, or at the beach. They’ll have the knowledge and physical strength necessary to participate in water activities safely.

Evolution Swim Offers Swimming Lessons for Kids of All Levels of Ability

If you want your children to become strong and responsible swimmers, Evolution Swim offers kids’ swimming classes for children aged 12 weeks and up. We offer comprehensive swim instruction from our state-of-the-art Orange County facilities equipped with the latest safety amenities. To learn more about our programs or to enroll your child in swimming classes, please visit our parent portal, contact us at 949-388-4545, or email us at for more information.