Our Story

Passionately Creating Safer Swimmers, One Student at a Time

Creating safer and more confident swimmers is our goal. Our curriculum is crafted to seamlessly teach our students how to survive and thrive in the water. Our pool room temperature is set at 80° and our water temperature is heated to 90° making for an optimal learning environment.

From the minute you walk in you’ll notice the difference. Customer service associates available to make life more convenient, our team of instructors working their magic and aquatic supervisors providing a healthy and safe environment.

At Evolution Swim Academy, we are ambassadors of drowning prevention, and we believe that through our curriculum, we create a safer world where children thrive through the passionate teachings of our Instructors.

Our perpetual lesson model includes:

An Evolution Swim Academy certified swim instructor.
50 weeks of instruction for children 3 months and up.
Our safety swim lesson curriculum builds valuable life-saving skills through repetition.
Our Swim Stars Curriculum builds swimming skills based on muscle memory.
Flexible schedule, free makeup lessons, and much more.


Evolution Swim Academy came to life when Founder Felipe Delgado realized the demand for quality swim instruction. In 2005, Felipe started teaching young swimmers and crafting the Evolution Swim Academy curriculum and experience. Although updated many times, the curriculum’s core teachings are still valid today.

Felipe started his teachings in community pools on a part-time, seasonal basis. In 2011, he decided to leave his corporate job and focus 100% of his time teaching lifesaving skills to swimmers of all ages. In 2014, after three years of traveling the country and doing extensive research, Felipe Delgado opened Evolution Swim Academy in Mission Viejo.

Learn more about Felipe Delgado

  • Married to Megan Delgado
  • Father of 4
  • Founder of the Swim Stars teaching methodology
  • Managing Partner at Evolution Swim Academy Mission Viejo
  • Managing Partner at Evolution Swim Academy Rancho Mission Viejo
  • President, Evolution Swim Academy, INC
  • Team Director, Evolution Racing Club
  • Two-time Olympian (1996 & 2000)
  • Arizona State University (Marketing, 1997)