April Newsletter

Rancho Mission Viejo Update We are inching closer to our big day and we are starting to get excited because this is starting to get real. There is so much to do internally as we prepare to go from one year-round swim site to two. We have started to put together job descriptions for [...]

March Newsletter

Rancho Mission Viejo Update (Open House Events) With most of the overhead buildout in place, it’s time to go vertical. It’s time to get the framer and drywall subcontractors onsite. Currently, most of the ducting, sprinklers, waterlines, and HVAC units are in place and with the framing and plumbing set to start this week, [...]

February Newsletter

Rancho Mission Viejo Update (Groundbreaking News) The time has come for us to break ground and to get moving on this new swim center that is about 1-year behind its original opening date. This has been a difficult time for us but nonetheless, we move forward and cross our fingers that further delays are [...]


Rancho Mission Viejo Update When the new year rolls around, many of us will be filled with optimism and will self-impose new goals that may or may not be fulfilled. For some of us it will be to make ourselves better, whether that be at work, school, or in general. Our family at Evolution [...]

Not Making a Bad Problem Worse

Over the past four and a half months the world has changed and may never go back to what it once was. Coronavirus is just the beginning of it as 2020 will go down as one of the most historic years of this country’s history. One thing that will stick with me for a long [...]

Is Your Child Interested in Competitive Swimming?

Is Your Child Interested in Competitive Swimming? Evolution Swim Offers Olympic Trainers for Kids in Orange County Competitive swimming is an excellent sport for all children. If your children are developing an interest in competitive swimming, Evolution Swim can connect you and your little competitors with Olympic trainers for kids in Orange County. Competitive [...]

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