Spring is finally in the air and daylight savings will soon begin. It is crazy that we continue to observe daylight savings time since its origins revolved around saving energy. With solar panels being in such high demand because of rising energy prices, I would guess to say that if given the choice, many of us would rather not change the clocks. Did you know that there are two states that never change the clock? Hawaii and Arizona. For those of you that would rather not see the time change, I’ve got good news, California is one of many states that is trying to enact legislature so that we observe permanent standard time.  There are only two ways that we can abandon daylight savings time changes: Congress enacts a federal law or states, or local government submits detailed information to the U.S. Secretary of Transportation supporting its contention of how the requested change would service the convenience of commerce. I don’t know about you but to me, sleep is very important, and the three days that it takes me to adjust each time we change the clocks is reason enough to just leave the time alone, like Arizona and Hawaii do.  

So now that the sun is out longer, it’s time to start thinking about our spring and summer plans. In these seasons, Evolution Swim Academy goes beyond the four walls of our year-round locations to offer outdoor, seasonal programs that reach beyond year-round swim lessons. In addition to our outdoor seasonal swim lessons, we also offer two summer camps, a spring and summer swim team, and a Junior Guard prep program. Registration has already opened for many of these seasonal programs and some, if not all, will sell out, so I encourage you to research and register soon.  

I hope to see you soon, thank you for being such a big part of our family, and we look forward to being of service to you now and in the future.


Felipe Delgado

Founder, Evolution Swim Academy
Team Director, Evolution Racing Club