Amazing customer service. In my last review, I had mentioned some cons of evolution and the owner immediately reached out to help me resolve my issues. Turns out they do offer 1:1 instruction which will be super helpful for my daughter. This small business focuses on teaching safe swimming as the foundation to its swimming lessons. Once those are mastered the instructors focus on swim techniques. Every instructor that my children have had have been patient and kind and are great teachers! I highly recommend this business!

Katie M, Yelp

The best experience!

We have had an amazing experience with Evolution Swim! My older daughter had a terrible fear of water and this was the first swim school where the instructors told her that it’s totally normal and understandable. Other schools would be positive and tell her she could do it but Evolution was the first to validate her feelings about water. This really helped her work through her mental block. She has advanced well in the program and has loved every instructor that she has worked with. They have all been so patient with both her and my toddler. For my toddler, I love that they focus on safety around water as the first step.

Pamela A, Yelp


We just started our 6 year old daughter with swim lessons here and we LOVE IT!!! The place is big and spacious and parent seating areas are great for viewing at all times! Always very clean and in tip top shape which was very high on our list as to what we were looking for. The pool temperature is very comfortable (our 6yo has never complained) and the pool room is also at a slight warm temperate just for upmost comfort. We are so glad we started swim lessons here and only regret not coming here sooner! We did our trial class with Coach Brenna and our daughter refused to officially enroll in a class with anybody else! Coach Brenna is the best and that’s all our daughter has been saying since trial class! She is SOOO patient and she really helps boost her confidence by not only believing in her BUT helping our daughter believe in herself when it comes to trying something new in the water! We were recommended this place, and we would definitely do the same to anybody looking for a swim school!

Celest R, Yelp

Love it here!

Love it here! Baby started at 5 months old and is still attending! Staff is friendly and classes are great!!!!

Daisy L, Yelp

Our family loves ESA

My son has excelled here and loves swim days. All the instructors he has worked with have been caring and very good teachers. I would definitely recommend for anybody with young children that want them to get the water safety skills needed to be around pools

Kyle G, Yelp

Patient & supportive

The teachers/coaches are all so patient and supportive. My daughter who is so hesitant about the water, is not excited for swim lessons. The staff is amazing and so helpful.

Kathy H, Yelp

We Love ESA

We love Evolution Swim Academy! My daughter has been attending for a few years. She was very afraid of the water and wouldn’t step one foot near a pool before we started coming here. We have had so many wonderful instructors during our time at Evolution. The staff is always very warm and friendly and the instructors always do such a tremendous job at teaching swim lessons and making it a very fun environment as well. My daughter really enjoys lessons with Debra S. She warmed up to her right away and always tells me how much she enjoys being in her class. Debra really works with her to perfect her techniques and really shows that she cares. Even when we are not in Debra’s class (currently on a wait list to move to her class) she loves that Debra waves to her in the pool when she sees her and knows her by name! It makes my daughter feel so special.  I always love how Debra gives a full progress report to me at the end of class so I know how she did and what she needs to

Krista W., Yelp


I have been bringing my daughter to Evolution Swim since she was 5 months and she is now almost 4. I started bring her because she liked water and it was something to do while I was off of work for the summer, but then I loved the atmosphere and the idea of making my baby water safe, so we continued and have never stopped. This last summer she was able to swim in a pool safely on her own, even in the deep end! We never let her swim alone, obviously, but to watch her confidence in the water was the highlight of this summer. She has had many amazing coaches (Laela and Nina), but Coach Maria has been her coach consistently for the last 2.5 years or so and my daughter loves her. We are so thankful for the way she pushes our little girl to be safe and a good swimmer.  Everyone at Evolution Swim is friendly, helpful and welcoming.

Stephanie S., Yelp

Fantastic Swim School

Fantastic swim school. We have had various teachers and all have been great. There are caring and loving, but most of all they are consistent with the way they teach. My daughter was water safe at 2 and is swimming freestyle at 4.

The facilities are also clean and comfortable. They have a great playroom for kids to enjoy prior to their lesson or for siblings to play in. Great touch!

Meesh P., Yelp