Super Accommodating

Super accommodating and understanding! We had a pretty rough experience at a different swim school and tried a few others since but none of them felt like my kids were getting anywhere. My 5 year old has been making huge improvements in the short time we have been here. They were super understanding when we asked to switch from a male instructor to a female instructor because my daughter asked. I have a mostly nonverbal daughter (she tries to talk we just can’t understand her just yet) and they helped me find the right instructor for her. They use lots of gestures and include her well. I could go on all day about how amazing this swim school is. The facility is beautiful no doubt about that but more importantly you can tell things are run well and the instructors enjoy their jobs! I also love the deck supervisor aspect to aid the instructors in the water (the other schools we attended didn’t do this). The ribbons for leveling up is a nice bonus as well as it really does motivate my kids!

Kelsey L., Yelp

Love It!

We just started our 6 year old daughter with swim lessons here and we LOVE IT!!! The place is big and spacious and parent seating areas are great for viewing at all times! Always very clean and in tip top shape which was very high on our list as to what we were looking for. The pool temperature is very comfortable (our 6yo has never complained) and the pool room is also at a slight warm temperate just for upmost comfort. We are so glad we started swim lessons here and only regret not coming here sooner! We did our trial class with Coach Brenna and our daughter refused to officially enroll in a class with anybody else! Coach Brenna is the best and that’s all our daughter has been saying since trial class! She is SOOO patient and she really helps boost her confidence by not only believing in her BUT helping our daughter believe in herself when it comes to trying something new in the water! We were recommended this place, and we would definitely do the same to anybody looking for a swim school!

Celest R., Yelp

Our family loves ESA

Our family loves Evolution Swim Academy. When our son first started here he was terrified of the water and acclimation seemed impossible. After the accelerator class and weekly lessons he has blossomed into a confident swimmer who looks forward to class every week. His coach, Maria is amazing. She is so sweet and caring and truly connects with these young swimmers, teaching them the basics and instilling a love for the water. Everyone from the admin staff to the instructors and even to the owner are always accessible and willing to help in any way. I know we made the right choice with Evolution and will continue to recommend this wonderful place to everyone.

Taylor C., Yelp


I really like this swim school. The environment is very laid back and there are no high pressure sales pitches, gimmicks or tricks involved. Nobody has cold called us [which we greatly appreciate] since after our round of free lessons that was offered via the Yelp Elite event several months back. We got our infant started in Water Bugs I as he has an inclination towards liking the water, and he seemed to enjoy it and not scream his head off 🙂 We got to work with different instructors most of the time, and all of them were great and patient. The pool area is pretty big and there are lots of areas to watch from as well as a decent sized waiting area in the front lobby. Very friendly staff and everything felt clean overall. Even though it’s a bit further away, we enjoyed coming down to have our son take lessons.

Jeremy L., Yelp

Incredibly Grateful

Our son was so fearful of getting his hair wet and going under….we are so incredibly grateful to have found evolution swim in mission viejo. Coach Maria is amazing with him….so patient and we just couldn’t believe how responsive our son was with her.

He is in the spectrum of autism so it is a little harder for him to focus. Maria has been instrumental, he has come such a long way with his swimming because of her. He is no longer afraid…it’s incredible. He is 6 and does one on one lessons. Can’t thank evolution swim and Maria enough for how amazing they have been to us. Ale goes on “the big pool” now in our neighborhood and loves every second of it.

Gina D., Yelp

Second Chances

I had a bad first experience here to be honest however I was contacted soon after with a sincere offer to rectify the issue which I truly appreciate. Management and the staff did follow through with their promises and ensured my children and I had a great experience.  It is apparent that the management truly cares about the school and the students. The facilities are beautiful and clean. I would definitely recommend Evolution swim over the larger swim schools due to the more personalized experience and attention.

Ashley P., Yelp

We Love ESA

We love Evolution Swim Academy! My daughter has been attending for a few years. She was very afraid of the water and wouldn’t step one foot near a pool before we started coming here. We have had so many wonderful instructors during our time at Evolution. The staff is always very warm and friendly and the instructors always do such a tremendous job at teaching swim lessons and making it a very fun environment as well. My daughter really enjoys lessons with Debra S. She warmed up to her right away and always tells me how much she enjoys being in her class. Debra really works with her to perfect her techniques and really shows that she cares. Even when we are not in Debra’s class (currently on a wait list to move to her class) she loves that Debra waves to her in the pool when she sees her and knows her by name! It makes my daughter feel so special.  I always love how Debra gives a full progress report to me at the end of class so I know how she did and what she needs to

Krista W., Yelp


I have been bringing my daughter to Evolution Swim since she was 5 months and she is now almost 4. I started bring her because she liked water and it was something to do while I was off of work for the summer, but then I loved the atmosphere and the idea of making my baby water safe, so we continued and have never stopped. This last summer she was able to swim in a pool safely on her own, even in the deep end! We never let her swim alone, obviously, but to watch her confidence in the water was the highlight of this summer. She has had many amazing coaches (Laela and Nina), but Coach Maria has been her coach consistently for the last 2.5 years or so and my daughter loves her. We are so thankful for the way she pushes our little girl to be safe and a good swimmer.  Everyone at Evolution Swim is friendly, helpful and welcoming.

Stephanie S., Yelp

Fantastic Swim School

Fantastic swim school. We have had various teachers and all have been great. There are caring and loving, but most of all they are consistent with the way they teach. My daughter was water safe at 2 and is swimming freestyle at 4.

The facilities are also clean and comfortable. They have a great playroom for kids to enjoy prior to their lesson or for siblings to play in. Great touch!

Meesh P., Yelp