5 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Free Swim Lessons for Babies

What’s better than swim lessons for babies? Free swim lessons for babies! Evolution Swim offers a fantastic program that gives parents the opportunity to participate in comprehensive swim and water safety courses with their little ones. These free classes are designed to introduce infants to safe and healthy water activity.

If you’re a new parent, you’re probably not thinking about the swimming ability of your newborn. However, many pediatric development experts agree that early childhood introduction to swimming and water safety can not only reduce a child’s risk of drowning by nearly 90 percent, but also help babies’ cognitive and physical development. Here are five reasons why you should consider free swim lessons for babies from Evolution Swim!

  1. We provide comprehensive swim and safety instruction. Our instructors are extensively trained to facilitate infants’ comfort in the water while offering parents a solid foundation for safety in a diverse assortment of aquatic environments.
  2. Our facilities are designed for optimum parent and child comfort and safety. We are proud to offer a state-of-the-art indoor aquatic center in Orange County, with a climate-controlled pool, parent viewing areas, on-deck showers, and a shop where you can buy any needed equipment. Our instructors and safety team are always on hand to provide assistance.
  3. Infant swim lessons help facilitate cognitive development. Studies have indicated that teaching babies to swim can help accelerate the building of neurons that affect linguistic development, reading comprehension, and spatial awareness.
  4. Infant swim classes promote parent/child bonding. Participating in infant swim lessons gives parents and their babies valuable time together. The act of guiding a baby through the water, holding her, and prolonging eye contact helps facilitate feelings of closeness for the parent and security for the child.
  5. Swimming lessons are great exercise! Swimming helps babies strengthen and build muscles, which gives them a head start in holding their heads up, coordinating deliberate arm and leg movement, and even walking. It is also excellent for developing cardiovascular strength and building their lung capacity. Last but not least – it’s wonderful exercise for parents, too!

Evolution Swim offers free baby swim classes that help infants feel comfortable in the water, and prepare parents and children for more advanced swim lessons as their skills develop. For more information about Evolution Swim’s classes for infants, please visit the Baby Splash page.