Baby Swim Classes with Parents: Creating a Deep Connection with Your Baby

If you want to spend more time with your little one, baby swim classes with parents allow you to bond with your baby in a profound and lasting way.

If you have a demanding career and pressing family obligations, you might not be able to spend as much quality bonding time with your baby as you’d like. Baby swim classes with parents give you the opportunity to not only acquaint your child with water and water safety principles, but also to spend close one-on-one time with your tot. Here are a few ways baby swim classes with parents allow you to create a bond with your child.

You develop trust.

Babies collect information tangibly – when you hold them, feed them, and expose them to new textures, sounds, and sights, they absorb those experiences quickly and develop a relationship with them. When the experiences are positive, trust is built. When you spend time with your child in the water — holding her while she paddles and raising her up again safely — she views you as her trusted protector. Ultimately, she develops confidence in her ability to navigate the water.

You learn about your child.

She may only be a baby, but she has a personality! Spending several hours with her, holding her in the pool, and maintaining close eye contact help you get to know her – what she’s like when she’s tired, when she feels hesitant, and what makes her laugh. Being with your child in the pool is a unique experience, and it fosters feelings of closeness and intimacy.

You’re laying a developmental foundation.

Recent studies have found that teaching children to feel comfortable in bodies of water at an early age helps them develop their balance, motor skills, and coordination at an accelerated rate. Early swimming lessons may also help kids excel in school. Researchers from the Griffith Institute for Educational Research found a correlation between childhood swimming lessons and advanced language learning, information retention, and creative thinking.

Evolution Swim: Baby Swim Classes with Parents

Evolution Swim offers parent and child swimming classes designed to help kids develop early swim competency and comfort in the water, and give parents the opportunity to spend quality bonding time with their babies. Please visit our Parent & Me page to learn more about our baby swim classes with parents.