Is Your Child Interested in Competitive Swimming? Evolution Swim Offers Olympic Trainers for Kids in Orange County

Competitive swimming is an excellent sport for all children. If your children are developing an interest in competitive swimming, Evolution Swim can connect you and your little competitors with Olympic trainers for kids in Orange County.

Competitive swimming is an excellent challenge for kids of all ages and backgrounds. It helps them develop physical strength and endurance while teaching them the fundamentals of competitive strategy, self reliance, and teamwork. Here are a few additional reasons why competitive swimming is an excellent sport for kids.

It teaches kids a life-saving skill.

Learning to swim reduces a child’s risk of drowning by approximately 90 percent, and the better they are, the safer they’ll be in diverse bodies of water, whether it’s a swimming pool, a lake, or the ocean.

It’s a highly effective workout!

Swimming is one of the very best exercises – it offers unparalleled conditioning and it is completely low impact, meaning there is low (almost nonexistent) risk of joint damage, sprains, blisters, and muscle injury. However, even though it is a low impact exercise, it can still strengthen bones effectively.

Competitive swimmers excel in academic pursuits.

According to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, swimming lessons can help children sharpen their cognition, which allows them to develop advanced language and mathematics skills.

Kids learn to manage their time effectively.

Competitive swimming gives kids the discipline and the self-reliance they need to succeed in diverse pursuits. In order to be effective competitors, kids must develop an excellent work ethic and allocate time for training, schoolwork, going to and from practice, study, and sleep. Kids who compete hone time management skills, and use them throughout their academic and professional careers.

Evolution Swim: Connecting Young Competitors with Olympic Trainers for Kids in Orange County

Evolution Swim is proud to provide young swimmers with exceptional swim instruction from Olympic-level trainers. Whether your child is interested in competitive swimming or just wants to become a stronger and safer swimmer while making lots of new friends, our team can help her develop lifelong skills in a friendly and relaxed environment. To learn more about our facilities and swim programs, please visit the Evolution Swim home page. We’ll see you in the pool!