You may have noticed over the past few weeks that we have been using the catch phrase “Find Your Freedom.” If you look at our social media channels or on our website homepage, “Find Your Freedom” is prominently displayed as a graphic of one of our students taking flight. The same graphic can be seen throughout our swim school in Mission Viejo. So, what does “Find Your Freedom” mean to us? Let me explain.

Jorge (our deck supervisor, graphic designer, Intro to Gators coach) and I were speaking in early January, just after the winter break, and decided that we needed to create a catch phrase that encompassed the very essence of our being at Evolution Swim Academy. Sure, we teach swim lessons but is that all we do? Not exactly. By teaching our students how to be “Safer Swimmers” we are opening a new world for them. We are a small stepping stone on a journey towards greater things.

Our students find their freedom daily at Evolution Swim Academy. Parent & Me students find their freedom by going under water for the first time and realising, that it’s ok. Our Starfish 1 students find their freedom by safely rolling onto their backs and soon will learn how to get back to safety without any assistance.  How about the student that can swim the length of the pool using perfect technique and can replicate it swimming any of the major swim strokes? That student found her freedom by qualifying to join the Intro to Gators program and soon will be a candidate to join the Gators Swim Club. To “Find Your Freedom” is to lose fear, save oneself and earn consideration on one’s own merit and at Evolution Swim Academy we believe that those are powerful things for young people to accomplish. Heck, they are powerful things for adults to accomplish.

Our students are not the only ones that find their freedom at Evolution Swim Academy. “Find Your Freedom” also applies to our instruction staff and parents as well. Finding purpose in what you do is an essential part in the workplace and for our instructors, a purpose is found in making a difference in the life of a child. It is also found in improving communication skills that will be elementary in nailing a good interview in the future. They have approximately 60 seconds to recap a 30-minute lesson and must do so clearly and effectively. Doing this multiple times during a work shift will give them the confidence needed to succeed later in life.

“Find Your Freedom” is equally as important for parents. Realising the important step of having your child become a safer swimmer should be included in the handbook of life. For parents that take that step, peace of mind is achieved when you see your child lose the fear of the water, succeed at saving himself and swim a lap using perfect technique. Many tears have been shed on our pool deck when parents see a child achieve what was once unthinkable. That is what embodies the phrase “Find Your Freedom.”

“Find Your Freedom” means the world to me. It means that I get to help parents achieve peace of mind, students succeed at lifesaving skills and my instruction crew gets to find purpose in what they do while sharpening up skills that will help them later in life.

Have a Great February!

-Felipe Delgado