An Interesting Phone Call This Week…

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During the course of the week, I took a phone call from an “inquiring mind” type of client. She asked great questions and had no idea that the person on the other line was the creator of our learning curriculum, me! She asked one question in particular that I really enjoyed answering. Her question was [...]

Meet Felipe Delgado – Owner and Founder of Evolution Swim Academy

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Felipe Delgado owns and operates Evolution Swim Academy, based in South Orange County. Felipe has created a learn-to-swim program for all ages. With an extensive background in both swimming and swimming instruction, Evolution Swim Academy’s team of instructors provide a level of knowledge and professionalism that offer our students a challenging and rewarding learn-to-swim experience.

It’s Calendar Time

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Let’s take a moment and reflect on the summer that is about to pass us by... We took  a little extra time to catch up with friends we don’t often see.  Check.  We made vacation plans and carried out our vacations. Check. We took a trip to the lake, beach, pool and just about any [...]

Formal Introduction – Welcome to Evolution Swim Academy

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I would like to formally introduce you to Evolution Swim Academy and to me, Felipe Delgado.  This is my first blog post ever.  My goal is to keep you entertained, informed and coming back for more.  I hope to share insight on the sport that I love, what to expect when you’re expecting your child [...]