Olympic Champion Rebecca Soni & our Fall Swim Schedule

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We are officially 1 year away from the start of the Olympic Games in Rio and there is no better time than the present to introduce you to my newest Olympic partner, Rebecca Soni. Rebecca is an amazing addition to our team and will play the role of drowning prevention ambassador for Evolution Swim Academy. [...]

Happy 239th

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The summer has arrived and so has the warm, humid weather. Humid? I am not sure how this happened. We are in the desert, it’s suppose to be a dry heat right? Just a couple of days ago we even had thunder and lightning amidst 90 degree temperatures. Are we in Miami or Orange County? [...]

May is Water Safety Month

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Let’s talk drowning statistics for a minute. I know that this topic is uncomfortable but I am someone who knows the pain that is felt from a loved one drowning in a tragic and preventable accident. So I am ready to discuss it if you are. Last year was the second-worst year on record. Nine [...]

Passion Defined

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Over the past few weeks, the word "passion" has come up on numerous occasions. While watching a YouTube motivational video, that word came up several times to describe how Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant approached the game of basketball during their years in the NBA (Kobe is still active). I attended a webinar for a [...]

It’s Time to Spring Forward

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It has been a real treat to see so much enthusiasm centered on our new indoor swim school in Mission Viejo. We have also been blessed that local media, Orange County Register, and swim industry media, SwimSwam News, have picked up on our story. Click on either of the links below to go to the [...]

We Have Reason to Celebrate

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It is my honor to introduce you, formally, to Evolution Swim Academy Mission Viejo. There is much to be celebrated.  We celebrate the launch of our new facility, a new website and a new logo. We will also be celebrating the launch of a new program for 2015 which will be announced next week. This new program will [...]

The Best “Job” In The World

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The best JOB in the world is one that is never treated like a job but treated as a passion. My past is well documented. I grew up swimming as an age grouper in Mission Viejo. I left Southern California for the desert when offered a partial scholarship to attend Arizona State University. I swam [...]

Winter Becomes Spring…

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We are excited that spring is now in full swing. The pools are filling up again with anxious swimmers, both new and seasoned, and many families have decided to join us a little earlier than in seasons past.  This year is a year like no other for Evolution Swim Academy since it is the year [...]

Enjoying The Process

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There is nothing more satisfying than watching a young toddler slowly become more and more confident in the water. With each student experience that we have, we learn a lesson. There are 101 different ways to put a business deal together. In the learn-to-swim world, there are 101 ways to teach a child to be [...]