Rancho Mission Viejo – Year-round (Indoor Pool)

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Founder’s Club Rates:

*Deposit of $199.00 will apply towards these lessons

Three months small group lessons (3:1 ratio)

1x per week

$299.00 ($409.00 value)

Three months small group lessons (3:1 ratio)

2x per week

$599.00 ($793.00 value)

Three months private lessons (1:1 ratio)

1x per week

$599.00 ($745.00 value)

Three months Intro to Gators lessons

1x per week

$229.00 ($265.00 value)

Three months Parent & Me lessons

1x per week

$229.00 ($313.00 value)

Evolution Swim Academy Rancho Mission Viejo is a world-class, indoor, learn-to-swim school. We teach our entire learn to swim curriculum at our swim center. The water temperature will be set at 90° and air temperature is set at 82° in the pool area. This provides for overall comfort during all aquatic activities.

Offerings at Rancho Mission Viejo

  • Premier Swim Lessons instructed by certified swim instructors
  • Swim Lessons for children ages 3 months and up
  • Free Parent & Me Swim Lessons for children 3-6 months
  • Year-Round Pool Parties
  • Family Swim
  • Monday-Sunday Swim Lessons
  • Water temperature heated to 90°
  • Pool room air temperature heated to 82° for total overall comfort
  • On-deck showers
  • Heated changing rooms
  • Private infant/toddler changing room
  • Multiple viewing areas
  • Café & Snack Shop
  • Pro-shop
  • Play room

Programs at Rancho Mission Viejo

FAQS Rancho Mission Viejo Founder’s Club

The $199.00 is per family. Once you pay this amount you can add as many siblings to the family account and they will all be considered once registration opens.

Yes. Once registration opens, we will create a credit in each families account and this credit will be used towards lessons 

Without further delays, we anticipate opening June 2021.

We anticipate opening the schedule and registration 1 month prior to our facility opening.

Yes. If you have friends that could benefit, absolutely, send them the email.

Yes. Whether you are a new member, you are currently taking lessons at another site, or if you are returning to swim lessons after an extended break, you must still create a new account for our Rancho Mission Viejo location.

Parent & Me lessons, Swim Lessons, Intro to Gators (precompetitive swim team), and our Accelerator program.

We will have new instructors and current instructors at the Rancho Mission Viejo location. We will not know who exactly will be teaching at the new Rancho Mission Viejo site until approximately one month prior to opening.

We cannot guarantee that your favorite instructor will be teaching at this site and if your plans change, we will refund your deposit up to one month prior to our opening.

Parking lot & gallery

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Google Map

Rancho Mission Viejo

28206 Airoso St.
Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694

(949) 388-4545

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