Let’s take a moment and reflect on the summer that is about to pass us by…

We took  a little extra time to catch up with friends we don’t often see.  Check.  We made vacation plans and carried out our vacations. Check. We took a trip to the lake, beach, pool and just about any other body of water that we could find within a stones throw. Check.  We organized our calendars to reflect “summer activities.” Check.  If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.  But now it’s time to switch gears.  Kids are going back to school.  Some kids are going to school for the first time (get your cameras ready).  And it is now time to create our “Fall” calendars which will also include “Fall” activities.

Every year, I hear the same story from some, not all, of our clients. “Swim lessons were fun and necessary during the summer months but now we have to get ready for soccer so we are going to exit swim lessons.”

I will be the first to admit that we have to budget our activities and budget our time so that we are maximizing our days and making sure that little Johnny and Susie (made up names for this post) are exposed to as many activities as possible as to create as “well-rounded” of a child as we can.  I would like to take this space to pose a challenge to those parents with children in Safety lesson plans.  I am speaking to the parents of students in Starfish Levels 1-4.  These are the students that need to continue swim lessons and here is why: these children are not yet water safe. Being water safe is as fundamental as going to school.  It’s as necessary as a glass of water when thirsty or food when hungry. You may say that I am being a little dramatic so allow me to take it a step further; drowning does not have a season!  Once the summer is gone, every body of water (except the one created by the slip-and-slide in the backyard) continues to pose a threat to every child that is not water safe. For this reason I ask that you continue to have your children take lessons, even if only once per week.

We live in Southern California.  This is one of many reasons that it IS convenient to take swim lessons after the summer has passed.  Here are some additional reasons:

  1. Our schedule is more flexible in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.  We will work with your schedule to make sure that we have something that is convenient.
  2. Average air temperature in September 80 degrees, October 77 degrees, November 72 degrees, December 67 degrees.  Not exactly cold.
  3. Average water temperature at our locations: 84 degrees
  4. With repetition and continuity, your child is much more likely to survive a water incident than otherwise (most important reason)

I look forward to your continued success in my program.  If you have questions and feel that you would rather email me, please do so.  My email address is felipe@evolutionswim.com and I welcome your comments and questions.

See you soon and have a great end to your summer!
Felipe Delgado