There is nothing more satisfying than watching a young toddler slowly become more and more confident in the water. With each student experience that we have, we learn a lesson. There are 101 different ways to put a business deal together. In the learn-to-swim world, there are 101 ways to teach a child to be confident and safe in the water.

When I developed our curriculum, I did so leaving the door open for change. I knew that we would have young, talented instructors that would come along and through their individual experiences, we would be able to make our curriculum a little better, more progressive and more rewarding for both our instructors and our students each and every year. This year is no different, When last year ended, a group of us got together and made small changes to our curriculum that we knew would make our jobs easier, our students safer and the overall experience just a little more rewarding. I give credit where it is due so if you have any of the following instructors, congratulate them and know that they had a hand in the changes that we rolled out this year.

Coach Kaitlynn, Coach Sarah and Coach Cassandra. These individuals make up part of our talented group of instructors and make Evolution Swim Academy a great place to take lessons at.

In the video below, you can see some of what we added to our Starfish 1 lesson plan, in particular, the first skill that you see. We have learned, again through experiences, that swaying a child, that is fearful of lessons, back and forth for a few minutes tends to calm them down and with patience, allows us as instructors to move forward with the lesson plan much faster than if we were not to use the sway. The little girl in the video, the one in the pink wetsuit (Elizabeth, 2), was very fearful of the water. With a couple of lessons under our belt and plenty of swaying and at times a song or two, this is the result. Enjoy the video.