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Evolution Swim Academy Mission Viejo

Evolution Swim Academy is a premier learn-to-swim school whose main objective is to create safer and more confident swimmers.

Our passionate instructors make the learn-to-swim experience fun for our students and our family-friendly facility makes each visit easy and enjoyable for the whole family.

We look forward to serving you in your family’s journey to safer swimming. Let’s Swim!

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Incredibly Grateful

Our son was so fearful of getting his hair wet and going under….we are so incredibly grateful to have found evolution swim in mission viejo. Coach Maria is amazing with him….so patient and we just couldn’t believe how responsive our son was with her.

He is in the spectrum of autism so it is a little harder for him to focus. Maria has been instrumental, he has come such a long way with his swimming because of her. He is no longer afraid…it’s incredible. He is 6 and does one on one lessons. Can’t thank evolution swim and Maria enough for how amazing they have been to us. Ale goes on “the big pool” now in our neighborhood and loves every second of it.

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Gina D., Yelp

Amazing Coach

This review is for coach Taylor.  She’s absolutely amazing with my 3 1/2 year old son!  Coach Taylor has great teaching techniques, extremely patient with the kids and her passion is undeniable.  My son didn’t make much progress since started last July and I actually canceled his sessions at the end of April.  Coach Taylor was coaching his 1 out of 3 make up sessions.  During this session, my son made more progressed than the last few months combined.  I was amazed and super happy so I reactivated the sessions again with Coach Taylor.

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Marley C., Yelp

Amazing Experience

We have had an amazing experience with Evolution Swim! My older daughter had a terrible fear of water and this was the first swim school where the instructors told her that it’s totally normal and understandable. Other schools would be positive and tell her she could do it but Evolution was the first to validate her feelings about water. This really helped her work through her mental block. She has advanced well in the program and has loved every instructor that she has worked with. They have all been so patient with both her and my toddler. For my toddler, I love that they focus on safety around water as the first step.

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Becky G, Yelp


I really like this swim school. The environment is very laid back and there are no high pressure sales pitches, gimmicks or tricks involved. Nobody has cold called us [which we greatly appreciate] since after our round of free lessons that was offered via the Yelp Elite event several months back. We got our infant started in Water Bugs I as he has an inclination towards liking the water, and he seemed to enjoy it and not scream his head off 🙂 We got to work with different instructors most of the time, and all of them were great and patient. The pool area is pretty big and there are lots of areas to watch from as well as a decent sized waiting area in the front lobby. Very friendly staff and everything felt clean overall. Even though it’s a bit further away, we enjoyed coming down to have our son take lessons.

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Jeremy L., Yelp

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