Wow, that was fast! The summer break, or lack thereof, was the shortest in history and now, many of our swim students are back at school and the school year scheduler/calendar is in place again. It’s now back to math homework help of which the majority of parents will be in charge of, as well as teachers. But with so much going on during the school year, it is easy to overlook an important activity that should be a staple on everyone’s weekly calendar.

If you are like me, you spent quite a bit of time around large bodies of water this summer. I spent time at the lakes, swimming pools and various beaches and got to enjoy them with my family. I know that I would not have been able to enjoy these day and weekend trips with my family as much had it not been for the hours that we invested in swim lessons prior to the arrival of summer. You see, my family consists of my wife and our four children. Anicka is 13, Valentina is 5, Francesca is 3 and little Luca is 8 weeks on Wednesday. Keeping an eye on the three active kids is hard enough, but having them not be water safe makes it that much harder. We liken the swim lessons to having a guardian angel helping us at all times. When around water, we are always responsible but kids are quick and just like that, they can be out of site and potentially in harms way. Consider year-round swim lessons, it may be the best decision that you will make this year.

With so much going on in the fall, let me give you a quick recap on what we have in store for you at Evolution Swim Academy Mission Viejo. We are currently promoting the following programs: Accelerator Lessons, Parent & Me lessons, Swim Lessons, Intro to Gators and Splash Ball. We will also be hosting birthday parties as well. The birthday parties take place on Saturday’s in the afternoon hours.

This week, we say hello to Friday swim lessons. We have opened up our schedule on both Friday morning and afternoon. With the opening of Friday lessons, we are now open Monday – Friday, AM and PM and Saturday AM.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you and your family. If you have any questions, I am only an email or phone call away. I look forward to being in touch soon!


Felipe Delgado

Olympic Partner / Founder, Evolution Swim Academy LLC