Our Facility

Our facility is designed so that our students can learn and thrive in a safe and healthy enviroment. For parents, we have designed a facility with all of the comforts that should be included in a premier learning center.

  • An Indoor swim pool heated to 90
  • Air temperature in the pool room heated to 80° for total comfort
  • State-of-the-art water purification system that keeps our pool clean and safe
  • A private space for Swim Parties
  • Swim instructors certified in our in-house curriculum
  • Three viewing areas for parents
  • A playroom for siblings or as an after – swim treat
  • Free wifi throughout our facility
  • Clean facilities and plenty of changing tables for our youngest swimmers
  • Our snack bar and pro-shop filled with great after-swim treats and quality swim gear

Facility Tour:

(949) 388-4545

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