It is my honor to introduce you, formally, to Evolution Swim Academy Mission Viejo. There is much to be celebrated.  We celebrate the launch of our new facility, a new website and a new logo. We will also be celebrating the launch of a new program for 2015 which will be announced next week. This new program will be a welcomed addition to our list of existing programs; Parent and Me lessons, Swim Lessons, Swim Camps, Swim Team and Sports Camps.

We are working hard to make sure that our facility is everything that you want it to be. Since opening, we have built out our sibling room. This is a great area that will keep kids entertained with streaming cartoons, coloring pages, games, etc. It is also the room that will host our birthday parties on Saturday afternoons. We sent out information about our birthday party offerings in a previous email but if you missed it, you can click here for more information. Aside from the sibling room, we have also built out our pro-shop. Although it is not 100% complete, we have made the essentials available. At the pro-shop, you will find reusable diapers, goggles and swim caps. For our swim team members, we have all of the Gator apparel needed to be a well-dressed Gator and all of the equipment available to play the part in the pool as well. OK, here is the real kicker for parents. We have a complimentary coffee bar. There are few things that rival a hot cup of coffee, free wifi and a swim lesson for entertainment.

Along with the conveniences that we are building into our new center, we are also changing our lesson plans as well. We have made changes based on your feedback and based on our projections. The first change that we have made is that we now teach Starfish 1 – 4 for 25 minutes and offer 3 minutes of feedback after each lesson. I felt that one way for us to better serve our clients is to offer realtime feedback to limit confusion and guessing. You will always know what skills your child has mastered and what needs to be worked on and you will also know when you should prepare to plan for the next level. I have also decided that the benefits of adding a 4th student to our stroke technique classes far outweigh the negatives. Adding a fourth student will allow parents more opportunities to signup for these lesson plans. Since 80% of the lessons we teach are Safety lessons, it is difficult, at times, to find available space in the stroke technique lessons. For this reason and because adding a fourth student does not take away from the learning environment, I decided that this would be a good fit.

I want to personally thank you for considering Evolution Swim Academy and for giving us the opportunity to work with your children. I also want to take from a line from a Super Bowl commercial that I saw last night and that is that “TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE SAFE HAPPEN.”

Have a great week!


Felipe Delgado