Evolution Swim Academy is Orange County’s premier provider of indoor learn to swim lessons. Located in Mission Viejo, Evolution Swim Academy offers a variety of programs including parent and me swim lessons, swim lessons, stroke development and stroke technique lessons, novice swim team, water polo and summer camps. Evolution Swim Academy operates seasonally in Ladera Ranch, Rancho Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills and Aliso Viejo. Evolution Swim Academy founder Felipe Delgado, a 2x Olympian, is also the director of the Gators Swim Club, a year-round competitive swim team that has training sites in Rancho Santa Margarita, Ladera Ranch and Nellie Gail Ranch (Laguna Hills). The Club offers many training options that start at a minimal commitment of 1x per week, for 45 minutes of training. Find Your Freedom at Evolution Swim Academy.

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May is Drowning Prevention Awareness Month

We are all humans. We do make mistakes and yes, it can happen to you. No matter how careful we are, all it takes is a 30-second distraction to send us into panic mode because we cannot locate a child. Even worse is not being able to locate them when there is a body of [...]

Being a Product of the System

For the past decade, I have been hard at work creating a system that will provide many advantages to the swimmers and families that choose to be a part of it. A system that can provide quality and appropriate programming for infants and beyond. Evolution Swim Academy has been successful in producing safer swimmers and [...]

Chlorine: Good or bad for our swimmers?     

When clients come to our facility and ask if we have a salt water pool, we are not quite sure what to answer. It’s not an easy question to respond to. We get what our clients are asking but the answer is a bit more complicated than you would imagine. Let me start by detailing [...]

Find Your Freedom At Evolution Swim Academy

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that we have been using the catch phrase “Find Your Freedom.” If you look at our social media channels or on our website homepage, “Find Your Freedom” is prominently displayed as a graphic of one of our students taking flight. The same graphic can be seen [...]

A Story about Swim Parents: In Hindsight

I was blessed to have had a career in swimming which allowed me to travel the world and most important, to obtain an education that may have been out of reach had it not been for the financial support from Arizona State University in exchange for my skills in the pool. My swim career did [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness & Pink Goggles

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and you would be hard-pressed to find someone who has not been affected by this deadly, unfair, nasty, disease that affects many of us at the hearts of our families. Just this morning, I ran into one of our reps at the local grocery store and in jest I [...]

Americans Love Swimming

Did you watch the Summer Olympic Games in Rio? You may not have watched as much as I did but I bet you caught at least a bit of the “show?” After watching the Games, one thing is for sure, Americans love swimming. I felt it more this year than in years past. Even Ryan [...]

My Definition of Success and the Legacy I Plan to Leave Behind

It was a warm summer day in July of 2011. I was prepping to meet my then boss for possibly the final time in my capacity as a drug rep. I was ready to deliver the message. After 5 years at my corporate job, I was going to turn in the suit and tie for [...]

Turnover and Working with the Millennial Generation

I have a dilemma. We have too much turnover in my company. We hire young, energetic people that are from the millennial generation, for the most part. We hire the very people that Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to about free public university. These good people are defined, loosely, as people who were born from the [...]

Teaching Safer Swimmers before we Teach Fluid Swimmers

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, over 200 kids between the ages of 1-14 drowned last year in the United States.  Of those, 143 of them were under the age of 5. California had the 3rd highest incidence of drowning and to be even more specific, Orange County had the highest rate in California. Drowning [...]