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Water Bugs I is a class designed for the youngest Evolution Swim Academy students, ages 3 months to 18 months. Each student is accompanied by 1 adult in the water, with a student/instructor ratio of 6:1. The objective of this class is to create a nurturing environment where students begin the learn-to-swim process. Our instructors will guide parents through a routine of songs and activities that will ultimately teach parents how to safely and successfully submerge even the youngest students.


Water Bugs II  is a class designed for students and parents that have successfully participated in the Water Bugs I level. This lesson plan is designed for students ages 12 months to 36 months, with the continued presence of a parent in the water. The objective of this class is to focus on more challenging skills than those introduced in Water Bugs 1 with the ultimate goal of having the students successfully and seamlessly transition into Starfish 1.


Starfish I: Discovery.  Students are inexperienced and cautious. It is time to learn basic safety skills without the assistance of a parent. Lessons will focus on allowing students to discover the basic safety skills needed to survive in the aquatic environment. Students will learn the back float and front float as well as a survival stroke and breath control. Max Ratio 2:1


Starfish II: Knowledge.  Students will continue to focus on aquatic freedom. Students will continue to work on the roll over and pop up drills while focusing on the basic survival skills as well as incorporating fun underwater submersion and superman drills. Max Ratio: 3:1


Starfish III: Confidence.  Students will learn to swim with big arms for short distances (10 feet) while catching a breath on their backs. Students will learn to kick with the aid of a noodle while continuing to work on basic survival skills and superman drills. Max Ratio: 3:1


Starfish III: Freedom.  Students will work on breath control, streamline drills and alternate side breathing. Students will be encouraged to swim short distances (15 feet) using these skills. This level will help prepare students for the Development lesson plan.. Max Ratio: 3:1


Goldfish: Development.  Students are ready to learn the basic fundamentals of the freestyle stroke technique. This lesson plan will focus on streamline drills, side breathing, swimming for short distances (20 feet) and wearing fins to assist in basic stroke technique work. This lesson plan will also place an emphasis on kicking with a kick board. Max Ratio: 4:1


Seahorse: Freestyle.  Students are ready to perfect the freestyle stroke! This lesson plan will take a conservative approach at teaching a technically and fundamentally sound freestyle with the aid of fins and kickboards. When this lesson plan is complete, students should expect to swim a 25 yard freestyle with as little effort as possible. Max Ratio: 4:1


Sea Lion: Backstroke.  Students will continue to work on the freestyle stroke and begin to develop a fundamentally sound backstroke. Max Ratio: 4:1


Stingray: Breaststroke.  Students will work on developing their breaststroke skills. We will work on all of the drills needed to coordinate this stroke with as little effort as possible. Max Ratio: 4:1


Dolphin: Butterfly.  Students will work on developing their butterfly skills. We will work on all of the drills needed to coordinate this stroke with as little effort as possible. Max Ratio: 4:1