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Delgado Family

Delgado Family


• Lunch will be offered Monday – Friday at a rate of $8.00/day. Lunch may be purchased at registration. If you purchase lunch the day of, the rate is $10.00.

• Pack a snack! We will be taking a daily snack break mid-morning. 

• Sunscreen is a must! If you want our staff to assist your child with sunscreen, make sure to purchase the spray-on type and please bring it to camp in a clear zip lock bag with your child’s name clearly labelled on the bag. 

• Pack swimwear! We swim from 12:00 – 1:00pm so make sure that your child packs a swimsuit and towel.

• Pack a hat! Any hat will work. The most important thing is that it protects from the sun.

• We believe that safety is always a first priority and keeping your child hydrated throughout the week of camp is a safety precaution we do not overlook. Please send your child to camp with a water bottle. We will provide the water!

• Pack any medication, including but not limited to EPI pens, insulin and asthma medication in a clear zip lock back with your child’s name on it. Please hand this to the counselor checking your child in at camp.

• We do offer extended camp care hours. Most families requesting this service do so at registration. If your plans have changed and you need extended camp care service after you have registered, please call 949-388-4545 and let us know. Our camp staff cannot take verbal directions for this service. You must call our office.

• What’s the pass code? Anyone picking up a camper must know the pass code. You will detail this word when registering. Please make sure that anyone picking up a child has access to the pass code. You will be asked when picking up!

• Have your child wear closed toe shoes to camp.

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