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Delgado Family


Evolution Sports Academy will be offered for 11 weeks over the summer months. The Sports Camps are tailored for ages 5 – 12 and we offer both a half-day and full-day camp schedule. We also offer full-day drop-in rates (minimum 2 days per week).

Evolution Sports Academy Weeks

A pro-rated week due to 4th of July holiday. $149.60/week for full-day $112.20/week for half-day*

*Regular rates for the pro-rated week are $176.00 for the full-day week and $132.00 for the half-day week after the discount offer expires.

Half-day schedule
Drop off: 9:00 AM**
Pick up: 1:00 PM

Full-day schedule
Drop off: 9:00 AM
Pick up: 4:00 PM**

**Campers can be dropped off as early as 8:30 AM and picked up as late as 4:30 PM without accruing extended camp care fees.

Extended Camp Care Hours
Evolution Sports Academy does offer extended camp hours. Campers can be dropped off as early as 8:00 AM and picked up as late as 5:30 PM. You can pre-pay for extended camp hours during registration or pay the week of the camp. There is a $5.00/day rate for AM hours and $10.00/day rate for PM hours.

• Additional camp t-shirt ($10.00)
• Swim goggles ($12.00)
• Early drop-off 8:00AM ($5.00)
• After-hour care ($10.00)
• Lunch can be pre-purchased at registration for a rate of  $8.00/day
• Lunch ordered day of will carry a cost of $10.00/day

Evolution Sports Academy Care Package
Once you confirm your registration, we will package up all of your items ordered, and those that we include in your registration, and mail them to you. We know that our campers love to receive something in the mail so we look forward to their excitement when they receive their care package from Evolution Sports Academy. Expect to receive your child’s care package at least 1 week before your child’s week of camp. If your order prohibits us from mailing it, we will have it ready on your first day of camp.

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