Coach’s Corner

“The Gators Seasonal & Summer Swim Program”

The Gators Seasonal Swim program offered through the Gators Swim Club is the perfect program to introduce your child to advanced stroke technique within the environment of a year-round swim team. It is our bridge from the Evolution Swim Academy learn-to-swim program to the Gators Swim Club year-round competitive swim team. The Gators Swim Club is a USA Registered Swim Team under the jurisdiction of Southern California Swimming, and we teach proper stroke and race technique governed by USA Swimming’s rules and guidelines.

Some swimmers who have graduated from lessons can’t wait to compete and show off their skills, while others swimmers just want to take it to the next level of learning all 4 strokes and how to fix any technical issues. The Seasonal Swim Team has also been designed to take away the nerves and uneasiness that comes along with joining a competitive team.

Swimmers who join this program need to know freestyle and backstroke, and the coaches work hard each day to introduce them to all 4 strokes. We emphasize the proper technique for each stroke including the start, streamline, stroke technique, turn, and finish.

Our Seasonal Swim program does allow the swimmers to compete in meets and these include an Intra-squad meet and 2 dual meets against local teams. We design these meets to be fun and to get swimmers in the spirit of competing. At the end of July, we also invite them to compete in a 3-day USA registered swim meet, which our team hosts. We aim to provide all our seasonal swimmers with the tools they need if they want to continue swimming year-round.

The Difference Between Swim Lessons and Swim Practice
Many of you are familiar with the term swim lesson if you are attending the learn-to-swim program at Evolution Swim Academy. For the Seasonal Swim Team program, instead of a swim lesson, we introduce the term swim practice. The swimmers are now attending a one-hour swim practice. During a practice session, the coach has the freedom to choose which stokes and skills to work on. Each practice is split up into different parts. We start with a warm-up, then some kicking, stroke drills, and special skills such as turns, starts or dives, and finishes all within each of the four swim strokes – butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

Each day, the coach will cover different strokes and aspects of swimming and racing that are the main focus for the day. This will vary from practice to practice, so the swimmers are exposed to different ranges of motion within the water each day. This differs from the lessons at Evolution Swim Academy where we have a set curriculum within each of the levels to reinforce the skills needed to learn the four swim strokes.

Whether your child wants to start competing, or they just want to advance to the next level after swim lessons, the Seasonal & Summer Swim Team is the perfect program for your swimmer!
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