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The Accelerator Program is a program intended to assist in transitioning a timid and fearful child to a child that is ready to participate in a structured swim lesson environment. The Accelerator Program lessons are 1:1 (student/instructor ratio) for 15 minutes, for 5 consecutive days. A trained instructor will assist in getting a child comfortable in the water by repeating three water acclimation skills throughout each lesson.

Objective: To take the most timed and fearful students and transition them into confident swimmers wanting to participate in swim lessons.

Structure: 1:1

Duration: 5 consecutive days, 15 minutes per lesson

Success: 100% success rate transitioning students from Accelerator lessons to semi-private Starfish 1 lessons

Cost: $150.00 for a 5-day course

This program is offered at Evolution Swim Academy Mission Viejo on a year-round basis.

To sign up for these lessons or to request more information, please call our office at 949-388-4545. We do not offer online registration for this program.


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